Lecturer recruitment

The website is focused on the global online education content platform, is committed to providing users with quality online education content. To adapt to the development of the platform and provide users with more high-quality content, we look forward to you with ideals and pursuits to join us to spread services to more users who strive to learn through the Internet without boundary!

Lecturer rights

· 1. Realization of capabilities: realization of technical capabilities and sustainable earnings

· 2. Exquisite encryption: Protect your intellectual copyright

· 3. Branding: To help you build your personal brand in online education

The application requirements

· 1. More than 2 years of working experience in the education industry, and rich teaching knowledge system and experience

· 2. Have the experience of lecturer and training lecturer

· 3. Like to share experiences in the industry (blog, forum, etc.)

· 4. Participated in well-known education industry summit lecturers