User Agreement

I. General Rules of User Agreement
1. The parties hereto are registered users of the Vcom Global Training Center and its website (hereinafter referred to as users).
2. Before registration, users should read the terms of this Agreement carefully and complete the registration procedures according to the prompts on the page.
3. When the user clicks the "Agree" button during the registration process, it means that the user has been fully aware of and fully accepted all terms and conditions under this Agreement, and thus reached the agreement with Party A.
4. Party A's website has the right to modify or supplement the relevant rules hereunder from time to time and publish them on the website. User's continued use shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the revised terms of this Agreement.

II. User Service Usage Instructions
1. Users shall fill in accurate username, password, real mobile phone number and other relevant personal information according to the registration prompt and meet the requirements of completeness and accuracy.
2. Once a user is successfully registered, he/she shall become a legitimate registered user of Party A's website and shall be given a user account and corresponding password of the website, and the user may change his/her user password at any time. The user shall take full responsibility for the security of his/her account and password and shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility for all acts and events conducted under his/her name.
3. Users agree to accept party A's website to send relevant commercial information to users through or in other ways.
4. Party A's website shall not be responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information released by users.
5. Party A's website does not provide account deletion service. If users need to delete their accounts, they can simply give up using them.
6. Party A's website has the right to determine whether users' behaviors comply with the requirements of the Service Terms of the Website. If users violate the provisions of the service terms, the Website has the right to interrupt or stop using the Network services provided by its users.
7. Users shall not transfer, lend, resale, share the individual user accounts on Party A's website for any illegal purpose or in any other way (user accounts shall only be used by themselves).

III. Modification and Revision of the Agreement
1. Party A's website has the right to modify the service terms when necessary, and the revised agreement can be viewed on Party A's website.
2. If users do not agree with the contents modified by Party A, they may stop using the network services of this website.
3. If users continue to enjoy the Network services of the Website, they shall be deemed to agree to accept the changes of the Service Terms of the Website.
4. Party A's website may interrupt or terminate one or more network services at any time according to the actual situation without any liability to any user or third party. If users have objections to the interruption or termination of one or more network services, they may exercise the following rights:
(1) Stop using the network services on Party A's website.
(2) Notify Party A to stop providing services to such users. Upon termination of the User Services, the user's right to use the Network services shall terminate immediately. Upon termination, the user shall have no right to process any unfinished information or services, and Party A's website shall have no obligation to transmit any unfinished information or unfinished services to the user or any third party.

IV. User Privacy Protection
Party A's website shall strictly fulfill the privacy obligation of users and promise not to disclose, edit, or disclose users' personal information, except for the following special circumstances:
1. Authorized by the registered user in advance;
2. Comply with national laws and regulations or cooperate with the requirements of relevant government departments;
3. Comply with the legal service procedures of Party A's website;
4. It is necessary to protect the public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of Party A's website.

V. Rights and Obligations of Registered Users
1. Registered users shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China when using the services of Party A's website. Users shall agree that they will not use the Services for any illegal or improper activities, or they shall bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.
2. Users shall not upload, display, post, disseminate or otherwise transmit information containing any of the following contents during the use of the account:
(1) Endangering state security, revealing state secrets, subverting state power or undermining national unity;
(2) Harming the honor and interests of the state;
(3) Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermining ethnic unity;
(4) Sabotaging the state's religious policy and propagating cult and feudal superstition;
(5) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order or undermining social stability;
(6) Spreading obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting a crime;
(7) Insulting or slandering others or infringing upon the legal rights of others;
(8) Is false, harmful, coercive, intrusive, harassing, invasive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise morally objectionable.
3. Do not use the network service system for any illegal purpose.
4. Party B shall not use party A's website service to intentionally create or spread computer viruses or other destructive programs or engage in any other behavior that endangers the security of computer information network.
5. If users' behavior violates the above provisions, Party A's website shall have the right to make independent judgment and immediately cancel users' service accounts. Users shall bear all legal responsibilities for their online behavior, and the system records of Party A's website may be submitted to relevant competent authorities as evidence of users' violation of laws.
6. Users shall agree to protect and maintain the interests of all members of Party A's website and other users and shall be liable for any losses caused to Party A's website or any third party due to the violation of this Agreement or relevant laws and regulations.

VI. Party A's Ownership of Network Service Contents
1. The Network service content as defined on Party A's website includes but is not limited to: teaching videos, materials, source code, text, software, sound, pictures, trademarks, etc. Such contents are protected by the Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law, Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software and other relevant laws and regulations.
2. The copyright of the articles on Party A's website shall be jointly owned by the original author and Party A's website. Anyone who needs to reprint the articles on this website must obtain the authorization of the original author and Party A's website in advance.
3. Without prior authorization from Party A's website or any other authorized third party, users shall not engage in any activities including but not limited to: Users shall be liable for all civil, administrative or criminal liabilities caused by ripping, copying, distributing, cracking, information network transmission or other acts in violation of laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights, including teaching videos, learning software, learning materials, source code, pictures, audio content, etc.

VII. Disclaimer
1. Users agree to bear all risks existing in the use of the services on Party A's website and all consequences arising from the use of the services, and Party A's website shall not be liable to users.
2. Party A's website does not guarantee that the service will meet the requirements of users, nor does it guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, security, and possible technical errors of the service.
3, Any due to hacker attack, computer virus invades, government control, hardware failure, or attack force majeure, such as the party a's intentional or gross negligence caused by the users’ personal information leak, loss, theft, tampered with or temporary or terminate the service, the user may cause the risk or loss, party a does not assume legal responsibility.

VIII. Other agreements
1. Users agree that any dispute arising from the Platform services shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, and any party to such dispute may file a lawsuit with the people's court where Party A is located for settlement.
2. The headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of the terms. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part for any reason whatsoever, the remaining provisions shall remain binding.