Platform information

The Global Training Center (, presented by Vcom, a Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills, is an online vocational education training platform supported by WorldSkills and developed and implemented in partnership with other Global Industry Partners. The platform is open to all technical skills practitioners globally and provides them with the latest training curriculum resources.

All the training courses related to the WorldSkills Competitions strictly follow the technical standards of WorldSkills and are free of charge to Members.

In addition, the platform also offers paid curriculum courses to schools and institutions which focus on the development of individual skills. Schools and institutions may also share their existing curriculumson the platform, so Members across the world can utilize their valuable resources.

The Global Training Center is planning to develop branches globally and is very open to discuss partnership opportunities with interested parties.

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Attachment:Introduction to Global Training Center

Attachment:The world skills organization presents the global training center to all delegates and partners
Attachment:Authorization of Global Training Center of World Skills Organization